Microgaming Classic Blackjack Multihand Review

Another in the long list of great card games from the developers at Microgaming, this classic blackjack title gives you a chance to play with up to 5 hands at a time. It is an incredibly easy game to play right away, making it suitable for both experts and newcomers. The fact that the betting limits are broad means that you can choose whether to play it safe or go all in looking for big wins. We will also look at how you can play this multi hand blackjack title for free in demo mode, as well as seeing how best to start playing with real cash on the line. It’s time to try and get that magical total of 21!

Understand the Basic Rules


The rules here are pretty much what you would expect from any classy, standard blackjack version. It is played with 5 regular decks of cards. The dealer has to stand on all types of 17 (hard or soft) and the no peek rule is in force here. The player can choose to double down on a hard 9, 10, or 11 to get one more card with twice the original stake.

You are allowed to split out once into 2 separate hands, which is offered if you get dealt two cards with the value of 10 on each of them. As this is multihand blackjack, you can decide to play with between 1 and 5 hands on each round. If you play with more than one hand, then you get to make the decision on what to do on each one in turn.

No Side Bets or Special Features

This is a straight-forward version of blackjack classic rules that doesn’t muddy the water with any side bets or unexpected features. You can just play the basic game on this Classic Blackjack Multihand title. Apart from hitting or standing, the only big decisions to be made are in terms of taking insurance, doubling down, or splitting hands.

Easy Gameplay to Get to Grips With

You can place your initial bet easily by choosing the amount and value of the casino chips that you plan to play with. Then you need to choose how many hands to play with. The amount of stake can be different on each individual hand if you like, or you can play them all with exactly the same amount. You then press the deal button for the first cards to be dealt. The hit and stand options are clearly marked, as are split or double down when available.

The minimum bet on each hand is $1, with the maximum set to $5. You can access the rules and help sections at any time while playing. As you would expect, it is possible to tailor the sound effects and some of the other features to suit your needs and preferences.

Try Out the Demo Game

After having learned about this Classic Blackjack Multihand game, you are now ready to give it a try. You might like to play with dummy money, on the demo version, before giving it a try with real cash at stake.

RTP and Payout Information

Winning Hand Blackjack

An impressive Return to Player of 99.42% means that you can expect to win roughly the same amount of times that you lose when playing this classic blackjack game from Microgaming. With such a very low house edge, you can play with a relatively small amount without the fear of losing it all quickly.

If you choose to play with all five hands at the one time, this will make it more thrilling but it also means that you increase the chances of big wins or big losses. For instance, if the dealer gets blackjack on their initial 2 cards then you might lose heavily on all 5 hands in on go. On the other hand, if the dealer goes bust then you could win on all 5.

Insurance is available when the dealer’s first card is an ace. This pays out at a rate of 2 to 1 if their next card has the value of 10. If you get blackjack with your first couple of cards then the payout rate is 3 to 2. A standard win gives you a payout at a rate of 1 to 1, which is normal in online blackjack.

Playing for Real Money: What Strategy

The first decision to make on this Classic Blackjack Multihand game is how much you want to play for. Will you opt for the minimum stake on a single hand or will you make the bold choice of increasing the wager and playing with several hands on the go at a time? It probably depends upon the size of your bankroll and how confident you feel. Following hands can be played at the same rate by using the rebet button, or you could choose to change the amount of the wager each time.

Once the action starts on this multihand blackjack version, you can choose whether to stand or hit, as well as options like splitting and doubling down in some circumstances. Having a clear understanding of when it is mathematically best to carry out each of these actions is by far the best strategy for long-term success when playing multi hand blackjack online.

More from the Provider and Alternative Blackjack Games

If you have never played Microgaming card games before then you are in for a treat. This blackjack multihand variant is just one of a large collection of online games of all type that they have created over the last few years. As well as a number of other versions of online blackjack, they also offer roulette and some of the very best slots titles around. For instance, you could try their famous Mega Moolah slot or Multiplayer Roulette after multi hand blackjack, and whenever you want to try something different.