We are your run-off-the-mill guys who have found deep secrets about the world of gambling. Just kidding. We are three guys passionate about the world of gambling. And no, we have not discovered a new way to play casino games or wager your hard-earned cash. Instead, we have figured out how you can make each play count. ‘How?’, you ask. By following the steps of the avid gamers before us and learning from their mistakes. Naturally, we cannot wait to break all this down for you in our series of reviews. But before we get into that, let us introduce ourselves:


If you ask me how people gambled before online gaming became a thing, I could not tell you. I made my big break in gambling long after online sites had made their mark. On a typical afternoon, you will find me playing cards or roulette. Not in brick-and-mortar casinos- but on my phone. I’ll probably be catching a game at the same time!


From slots to craps to keno, I have tried my luck at different games. But my stance on gambling did not start later in life. Instead, it dates to my school days when we would wager money on dice games. Little did I know that there was a whole other gambling scene out there. Now that I have found it, you can bet that I will not be quitting any time soon.


Video poker, anyone? I love poker and will play just about any variation there is. If I have not heard of it, then I am down to try it. Any specialty game is a go for me, and I am always willing to put my money where my mouth is. Other than online casinos, I also spend time in land-based casinos, learning the tricks from the experts.